Online Security Awareness Training

It's undeniable that technology and the Internet plays an important role in our daily life, education and work but while it helps in our communication and managing our day-to-day tasks, it also comes with it's own risks! Email Phishing, Scams and account hacking are common problems for today's internet users. Our aim, through our Online Security Awareness Training, is to raise awareness on cyber security, the common risks and how to protect oneself on the internet - so you can reap all the benefits that it brings!

Free entry but seats are limited.
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About us

Founded in Jan 2019, Saorsa is a Managed Service Provider and Microsoft partner. With years of experience and working within various industries, we can implement Dynamics365 Business Central and Office365, provide training and support on both and we can become your IT Department for a monthly fee - covering everything from the WiFi network to Cloud management.