Workshop: What is if Design

Design is beautiful. Design makes us happy. Design follows function. Design is responsive. Design is art, the art of living. We learn from design, we grow within. Design improves our efficiency, let's us manage our daily challenges. Design makes our life easier, makes change easier to oversee and overcome. It was never easier to design how we want to live, how we want to appear to others – who we want to be.

In this workshop, Florian will explore the different aspects of design, how we perceive design and discuss the responsibility of being a designer. Plenty of tools offer us access to learn easy as winking how to design your lifestyle, how to design your self, a better self. Design is constantly changing the world. We experience design virtually any moment. Design is everywhere. So what if is everywhere turns into a corset of nowhere.

Date: Saturday, October 19th, 2019
Time: 9:30AM-11:30AM
Venue: Workspace 2
Session Fee: 5$ (20,000 Riel)
*Limited to 25 people.
*Conducted in English.


Florian left Germany June 2013. He is consolidating about 20 years of design, branding and marketing experience, working many years as a Creative Director for the global market, running since nearly 4 years Commit Creation, a design & branding studio with vocational trainings. Since he settled down in Cambodia around 5 years ago he focuses strongly on personal coaching for Cambodian talents of all disciplines, sharing his knowledge and skills, and supporting them on their way to explore their own creative core, develop along self confidence in their design approach and support them to build up entrepreneurial initiative – because there is no right or wrong, only a wrong self, which can recover, and unfold in inspiration and the mastery of emotions, to create “anarchic”.

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